Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2019, Page: 71-75
Mevlana Rumi: A 13th Century Scholar’s Teachings to Foster Tolerance, Peace and Harmony
Maria Yousuf, Department of Bioinformatics, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan
Muhammad Ahmad Qadri, Department of Political Science, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Hafiz Osmanov, Department of Biochemistry, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
Received: Jul. 18, 2019;       Accepted: Aug. 9, 2019;       Published: Sep. 21, 2019
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Mevlana Jalal-uddin Rumi, (1207-1273) a mystic, sufi, scholar and a poet, borned around eight centuries ago, contributed magnificently to promote humanity, love, peace, tolerance, compassion, respect to each other through education (sufisium, mysticism) and dialogue. Rumi strictly followed the Islamic teachings for building up peace in society as well as globally, as prophet PBUH says “You are all from Adam and Adam is created from earth. O servants of GOD be brothers and sisters“. To foster love, tolerance, peace and harmony, Rumi stressed for provoking education and interfaith dialogue b/w the peoples of different religions, as education is the only weapon which we can use to transform the world (Nelson Mandela) and the dialogue provides ultimate framework of mutual acceptance to each other’s identity along with existing rich diversity of culture and values. Therefore his message of interfaith universality is ruling without any religious discrimination and bias he says Rumi belongs to each one of them. His poetry and prose writings consist of spiritual content which is the universal language of the human soul. His magnum opus, masterpiece the Masnawi (collection of 25,668 couplets) captures the heart of spiritual lovers and seekers because of its truth, purity, divines and the concept of “oneness of GOD”. Rumi inculcates in his Masnawi,“All my couplets are a climate of wisdom, all these stories teach a lesson” he narrated “our Masnawi is a shop of divine oneness whatever you see there, other than one is a false idol” Rumi was completely lost in the love of GOD as a result ultimately blessed with the most noblest form of divine wisdom through reflection and intuition, he says “I have become a lover and most people realized it but they didn’t understand who is the one I Love”.
Mevlana Rumi, Masnawi, Tolerance, Peace, Harmony, Love, Inter-faith Dialogue, Intra-faith Dialogue
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